The basketball experience from alt.ctrl.GDC!

Step in the laces of Jessica, the rising star of her team as she has only a minute to help decide the fate of the most important match of the year.

Created in 2018

How We Started

Initial Prototype

Produced during The Very First Ever Extra Credits Game Jam, OVERTIME was a satire of anime basketball.

Custom Controller

Based on the incredible feedback, the team partnered with the Idea Realization Lab to create a toy inspired custom controller.

GDC Showcase

Since the creation of OVERTIME and the controller, the team has been asked to showcase at numerous festivals including GDC!

About The Team


Josh Delson

Don Herweg

Daniel Song

Eric Moen

Thomas Newsome

Grayson Ducker

Sam Zapiain

Special Guests

Aryn Rozelle

Brandon Fague

Marina City


In The News


“Innovative combination of creativity and joy.”
“Infuses the drama of a basketball game.”
“Thanks for making every second awesome.”
“Fun with its custom-made basketball hoop controller.”
“You guys rocked on the alternative controller.
“As always, it promises to be a fantastic showcase.”

Showcasing Highlights

Festival Recognition

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