Developers from Chicago

The Team

Our team consists of students/alumni of the Junior Development Experience (JDE) in Chicago, IL. Our goal was to bring students, alumni, and faculty together in order to one day showcase at the Game Developers Conference (GDC). Now we have achieved that and have become an amazing resource that offers studio teams, industry mentors/speakers, development workshops, game jams, and showcase opportunities.

Josh Delson

Project Lead

Don Herweg

Lead Programmer

Daniel Song

Designer & Artist

Eric Moen

Sound Design & Composer

Thomas Newsome

Hardware Developer

Grayson Ducker


Samuel Zapiain


Aryn Rozelle

Voice Actor: Jessica

Brandon Fague

Voice Actor: Xander

Marina City

Opening Soundtrack: Man In The Mirror


Ending Soundtrack: Shoot Your Shot (feat. sky)

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